High-frequency Imaging Probe

high-frequency-imageing-probeMedistim’s imaging probe used with the VeriQ C™ system provides high-resolution images to improve intraoperative assessment. Imaging technology is particularly relevant to verifying graft patency in a range of surgical applications: cardiac, vascular and transplants. The VeriQ C system also provides fast, accurate and reliable transit-time flow measurements (TTFM) of blood volume flow intraoperatively.Imaging technology improves the quality assessment obtained from TTFM alone. Graft verification procedures should include a morphological assessment as well as a functional analysis. The ultimate benefit is improved surgical outcome with a long-term high patency rate.

Medistim’s imaging probe is unique in being approved for direct contact with cardiac tissue. This makes it especially suitable for intraoperative assessment of cardiac surgery, such as epiaortic and epicardial imaging. The probe is also useful for a variety of peripheral vascular procedures. The probe has been validated for STERRAD® sterilization, so there is no need for a sterile sheath.

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