System-MSystem M line of products offers non-invasive measurement of critical real-time parameters used in cardiovascular perfusion and ECMO procedures. 

System M diagnostic monitors provide you with the confidence you need to make critical decisions based on real-time accurate information.

Spectrum Medical’s M2, M3 and M4 features include:

  • Quick access – Quick access to key data without the need for regular blood gas calibrations.
  • Non-Invasive – Means less risk of infection with a reduction in the risk of clotting and the freedom to choose tubing sets from any supplier.
  • Real-Time – System updates of one second or less and the use of technologies that aren’t dye based ensure critical changes in patient status are communicated without delay.
  • Peace of Mind– Continuous readings of critical parameters remain accurate during changes in circuit temperature, haemodilution, and air ingress events.
  • Zero Drift – The knowledge that readings are absolute (rather than trends) with proven, dependable accuracy over short and long term cases.
  • Portable – Ease of use with less than one minute set-up time. Lightweight and flexible with a quick release mounting system and 45 minute battery life.
  • Communications -Wireless, RS-232, USB, IR, and SD memory card facilitates data storage, post-operative analysis, and connection to external electronic charting systems.

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