Hybymed® and hybymed® plus transducer kits

  • Sterile disposable products
  • Provide accurate and reliable data recording for continuous measuring of the patient’s blood pressure.
  • Have sensors without cable (quick and easy connection)
  • Are easy to use (easy to connect to the contact board – “click” sound)
  • Have color coded lines for easy identification (red, blue, yellow, white)
  • Hybymed plus transducer set contains closed blood sampling system

Technical Details

            PARAMETER                VALUE
  Sensitivity   5µV/V/mmHg, ±2%
  Operating Temperature   15°C do 40°C
  Operating Pressure Range   -50 do + 300 mmHG
  Natural Frequency   20Hz in physiological solution

You can choose:

  • Standard kits (single, double, triple, quadruple and neonatal),
  • Kits according to your needs

hybymed® transducer kitshybymed® transducer kits2