In-Line Monitoring System of 5 Vital data masterParameters

One monitors five vital parameters under control, when absolute safety and real time data are worth a life, its DATA Master.

Day by day, ECC ic becoming increasingly difficult.More and more critical patients under go CPB, while new interventional method such as normothermia or involving new pharmaceuticals  require new systems.

Vital Parameters, such as Hematocrit,Arterial pO2,Venous Saturation and Temperature must be constantly monitored to allow prompt intervation at any time.

Sorin group DATA MASTER make all of this possible.


data masterWider,Improved Definition And Luminosity Display

DATA MASTER is the only non-invasive in-line perfusion monitor able to give you Arterial pO2, Venous Saturation,Hematocrit and Arterial/Venous Temperatures readouts at the same time.

Arterial pO2 value can displayed at actual blood temperature or calculated at 37’C (98.6’F), And whats more, the parameters can be displayed in either graphical or digital format at the touch of the switch.

DATA MASTER automatically self-calibrates when switch on without any intervention on your part.


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Ordering Details




1/2″ venous connector


3/8″ venous connector


1/4″ venous connector (available as a kit)

Technical Details

Device Type In-line blood gas analysis monitor
Interface with perfusion system Non invasive/sterile disposable cell & sensor
Technology Arterial:Eletrochemical/miniaturized clark electrode
Venous : Optical/infrared sensor
A/V temp: thermistors
Calibration Dry,automatic self-calibration
Parameter Display Digital or graphical mode
Menu Language English,Italian,Danish,Swedish,German,French,Dutch
FEED Current & Battery
Line Voltage 100-230V
Line Power 58VA
Battery capacity 6hr (Minimum guaranteed)