CP5-newThe Sorin CP5 is an all-in-one centrifugal pump that is seamlessly integrated into the S5 HLM.  It comprises unique functions that combine maximum perfusion programming flexibility and safety.

  • The automatic flow rampdown and rampup functions can be selected individually for the following controls:
  1. bubble alarm
  2. level alarm
  3. inlet pressure alarm
  4. outlet pressure alarm
  5. air purge control alarm
  • Remote control of the arterial electrical clamp (ERC) from the control panel
  • Inlet pressure measurement or calculation by the CP5
  • Outlet pressure measurement
  • Automatic controlled flow mode
  • Pulse mode

The programmed functions, the assignment of the sensors and accessories and all relevant numeric values (e.g. the flow rate) and information are continuously displayed on the control panel using clear icons and large digits.

Download CP5 Brochure