avant-d903First dual reservoir for separated treatment of activated suction blood.  Suction
blood is one of the most relevant issue in ECC today.  Suction blood is now recognised as the first culprit in plasma free haemoglobin and platelet activation.  Activated coagulation factors as well as activated mediators are largely present in suction blood.  It has been demonstrated that the separation and the washing treatment of suction blood is of real benefit to the patient.

  • First dual reservoir for separated treatment of activated suction blood
  • Consistent performance
  • Unique HVR safety valve available
  • Ph.i.s.i.o coating available

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Max Blood Flow

8.0l\min max, 2.0m2 membrane surface area, 270mL static prime
Static Priming Volume 250ml
Membrane Surface Area 1.7m²
Heat Exchanger Surface Area 0.14m²
Hard Shell Reservoir Capacity 1200ml cardiotomy chamber
3500ml venous chamber
Cardiotomy filter pore size 30µm


Catalog Number
Avant PC Coated 05338
Avant Holder 05046
Temperature Probes 09026