With continuous improvement as aApex-HP-Brochure-2 primary objective, it’s no wonder why Sorin Group oxygenators are popular with perfusionists. With the updated Apex® HP, we’ve kept in place all the features you love about our high-performing Apex oxygenator, but made noticeable improvements in several key areas: A low prime volume, high efficiency oxygenator.

Cardiotomy Filter:

  • 30µ rating
  • Depth filter for optimal loading
  • Flows into venous filter

Venous Filter:

  • 40µ rating

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Maximum Blood Flow Rate

Oxygenator Priming Volume 250 ml
Defoamer Materials Polyurethane foam treated with
Antifoam A polyester sock
Filter Materials Polyurethane foam pre filter
30 micron polyester depth media
Polyurethane foam
Polyester knit sock
Fittings Sat/Hct
Venous Temperature
YSI Series 400


Catalog Number
Apex PC Coated 050552
SMA / PC Coated 050551
Temperature Probes 042229000