micro-filtersAlthough arterial filtration is widely recognised as being essential during cardiopulmonary bypass, and is strongly supported by a great deal of scientific literature, there is still considerable debate regarding the size of micropores.

Micro series gives you the choice of the pore size: 27 and 40 micron(s) for your Adult Ph.I.S.I.O. coated customized circuits.

Adult and paediatric arterial filters:

  • Easy debubbling
  • High visibility
  • Safe against macro air
  • Effective micro air removal

New born and infant arterial filters:

  • Extremely low priming volume
  • Air removal capability
  • Dedicated inlet and outlet connectors

Download Aterial Filters Brochure


Code Specification Pore Size micron Max Blood Flow Rate LPM Priming Volume mls Filter Surface Area Sq.cm Inlet-Outlet Connectors inches
05342 D732 Micro 27A 27 7 195 655 3/8″
05343 D734 Micro 40A 40 7 195 655 3/8″